How did this happen?

Again. Every year the holidays seem to jump up and surprise us with its chaos, list-making and dinner parties galore.

Although I do love a good Holiday party it feels so boring bringing a plain old bottle of vino. Enter, bottle tags. My favourite go-to bottle companion for any gathering. (Plus it makes a great conversation piece and giggle.)

After an amazing year full of new experiences, new projects and new collaborations I want to thank all my loyal and supportive followers and friends for their likes, comments, shares and LOVE! 

To thank you all, here are some new (and FREE) bottle tag downloads. It’s easy-peasy: 
Click one of the following to download:
Obligatory Hostess Gift
Obligatory Host Gift
Sorry you got stuck hosting
Thanks for Hosting

Then just print >> cut >> fold, and wrap around the neck of your favourite wine. (…or beer, liquor, kombucha…)

May the wonder and excitement of the new year bring you peace, joy and adventure.



PSST! What to watch for in 2019!

  • Hosted and Private Workshops
  • Branding Sessions
  • Networking 
  • New Perth App(aa)rel Designs